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CPD Launchpad is brought to you by MA Healthcare, publishers of the British Journal of Nursing, British Journal of Midwifery and many other journals written by health professionals for healthcare professionals.

CPD Launchpad draws on MA Healthcare’s peer-reviewed journals to provide you with interesting and relevant content that will stimulate thought and reflection, and help you fulfil your revalidation requirements.

CPD Launchpad offers all users a free online portfolio, so you can easily save evidence of your progress towards the NMC requirements, ready to download whenever you need it.

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A guide to primary biliary cholangitis

The autoimmune biliary disease primary biliary cholangitis (formerly known as primary biliary cirrhosis) is a chronic inflammatory liver disease that is characterised by persistent immune-driven bilia...

Sustaining colorectal cancer nurses’ specialist practice

To function optimally in specialist practice, colorectal cancer nurses require sufficient resources as well as organisational support. The authors examined how well this is borne out in practice by co...

The management of diabetes and best practice in injection technique

Best practice in injection technique is critical to ensuring optimal glycaemic control and is a part of good diabetes management. This article discusses the consequences of poor injection technique an...

Recognising the symptoms: diagnosing and treating gout

In the first of a two-part series, Diana Finney highlights the risk factors of developing gout, as well as the signs and symptoms to be aware of. With the prevalence increasing, it is important to hav...

Common eye conditions in older people

As we age, our body systems can deteriorate. Margaret Perry considers vision problems in older people and looks at some of the eye conditions that they can experience, including glaucoma, diabetic ret...

Optimising medication for Parkinson's disease patients with dysphagia

In addition to movement disorders, Parkinson's disease (PD) is associated with several nonmotor symptoms, including dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). Dysphagia can make the consumption of solid med...

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Frequently asked questions

What is revalidation?

Revalidation is the process put in place by the Nursing & Midwifery Council to ensure that nurses and midwives undertake the practice, CPD and other requirements for reregistration. For full details, visit the NMC’s revalidation website.

What is CPD Launchpad?

CPD Launchpad is a service from the publisher of British Journal of Nursing and British Journal of Midwifery. It includes articles from our full range of nursing and midwifery titles that have been enhanced to provide opportunities for reflection on your own practice, as well as an online portfolio to store all your revalidation requirements.

What is an online portfolio?

An online portfolio is simply an online place to keep records to show you have completed all your revalidation requirements. It’s where you can keep track of practice hours and CPD, and record other activity like attendance at courses or study days, reflection and other learning.

How do I access CPD Launchpad?

Simply complete a short registration form to create your personal account. You will then have free access to the portfolio and a selection of free CPD content.

Access to the complete range of CPD content requires a subscription to one of MA Healthcare’s journals. If you have a journal subscription and wish to activate your CPD Launchpad account, please contact our customer service team or phone 0800 137201.

Your trust or institution may have subscribed to this resource on your behalf. Go to the institutional login page and enter your institution's name to find out. You will still have to complete a short registration in order to access the benefits of a personal account.

What is the cost of using CPD Launchpad?

Registration and use of the online portfolio is completely free. Registered users also get free access to a growing selection of online content to help you fulfil the NMC’s CPD requirements.

If you want access to all the CPD on the site, you will need to subscribe to one of the MA Healthcare journals, or be at a subscribing institution. Visit Magsubscriptions.com to see the latest offers.



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